The Highway Rookie

This is a small racetrack set up for kids to ride kiddie bikes. The track is protected with tires on all sides.

Fly High

This is an adventure ride. This bungee jump activity gets you closer to the sky every time you do it.

Here is an opportunity to experience getting ejected to great heights at the same time stay safe!The feel of getting catapulted into the air for over 15+feet is exhilarating…it can only be experienced…!


Aqua Splash

Get a dip in a pool and chill yourself with your friends. This pool of us is a indoor pool with state of the art filtration system which will keep you refreshed.

Dash Cars

This is an all time favourite for all ages. Enjoy banging in to each other’s car and bring the child out in you.


Just Bat

This is our USP.

It’s a virtual reality cricket game. Where you have a real bowlers bowling at you and you got to score runs within the balls given.  A real treat for cricket lovers.

Snack Bar

We have a variety of beverage menus, ice creams, French fries and sandwiches. Our hot beverages are a tie up with coffee day and you can really sip in to a real cappuccino, espresso or a late. This is open to outsiders people can just walk in for a cup of coffee.


Curio Counter

The park also offers a small boutique shops where you can shop for souvenirs and gifts. This is open to outsiders as well.

 Virtual Reality Rides

This is our USP. You wear your glasses and get in to a different world. It really gives you an out of the world experience. Try it to find out. 

There are lot more rides added up and updated regularly.